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Comments from previous pupils

Angela Sherratt
Passed 1st Time

Mark is a great guy and has such a calming effect, he helped me overcome a lot of fears I had about driving. I had started enjoying my lessons very quickly and am now a bit sad they have come to an end. Mark tailors to suit you, he is very clear in explaining things, and genuinely cares about making you a good driver. Thanks for everything and getting me through my test first time. Angela

Barnaby Ray
Passed 1st Time

Mark is a lovely chap and a brilliant instructor. I recently moved to Plymouth with little driving experience and no knowledge of the roads. In very little time Mark had me driving with confidence and I passed 1st time. Highly recommended!

Beth Taylor
Passed 1st Time

Mark is a great teacher! He makes you feel at ease and really relaxed with a great atmosphere in the car! He has great methods of teaching! would recommend mark to anyone. Thanks for all your help Mark, Beth :)

Taylor Crook
Passed 1st Time

So glad I had my lessons with Confidence Driving School. Mark is such a funny guy that makes you feel at ease as he is very patient. Never driven before my 1st 2 hours with him and I was on the A38 driving myself home at the end! Something I didn´t expect I would be doing! Such a good instructor. Thank you Mark.

Amy Steer
Passed 1st Time

Mark has made my driving experience fun and comfortable. He gave me confidence in my driving and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Confidence Driving School to anyone, especially if you are nervous, because he has been such a good influence on me as a driver.

Ben Musgrave
Passed 1st Time

I went with confidence driving school and passed first go with only 2 minors thanks to the teaching from Mark he has exceptional teaching methods and will give you everything you need to get you on the road before you know it BRILLIANT!!!!!

Nick Best

When I first started with Confidence Driving School I had around 20 hours experience with another instructor and had already attempted my practical test twice subsequently being unsuccessful. I started with Mark just after Christmas and he soon whipped me into shape, my driving went from being rushed and slightly erratic to smooth, safe and calmly confident in a very short space of time. With Mark's very calm, collected and methodical way of teaching every lesson became like a casual "Sunday drive", he delivered his instructions clearly and always found the right way for me to relate to his methods. I would recommend Confidence Driving School to any learner driver regardless of their level of experience as the service I received was flawless and always delivered with a smile. I passed my test 1st time with Mark after only 9 hours of tuition through him. I'm a very, very happy customer. Thank you Confidence Driving School, Thank you Mark Davis!!

Aron Rich

I would recommend Confidence Driving School to anyone. If you feel nervous about starting, this is the company to go with. Mark is a superb instructor and makes you feel at ease through every lesson, great car to learn in, great rates per hour and a great instructor who genuinely cares about each student. Many thanks for the time with you.

Jacob Clarke
Passed 1st Time

Mark is very VERY calming and approachable. He keeps a cool head at all times even when you don't. From the moment you get in the car till the moment you get out, you know that Mark has complete control of the car and you are safe. His methods are easy to learn, and very helpful.

Marika Miksztal

Good news. You are reading this post which means that you have found yourself a great driving school. Look no further. It doesn’t get better than this! Thanks Mark, Marika

Shane Wadge
Passed 1st Time

Mark is a very good driving instructor, he is very friendly, patient, calm and approachable. He makes you feel at ease behind the wheel, even when you are very nervous, like I was on my first driving lesson. I had never driven a car before in my life and he had me driving over the fly over on Outland Road on my very first lesson and i felt very comfortable doing it. If you want to start driving lessons i DO highly recommend Mark Confidence Driving School. =)

Paulina Oszmian
Passed 1st Time

I passed my driving test first time, Mark is an excellent instructor. I have enjoyed my lessons from start to finish. He is very patient, he also has a very good sense of humour - very relaxing atmosphere to learn in :) His teaching techniques were perfect, very professional, highly recommend :)

Mina Eaton
Passed 1st Time

'I'm so happy i chose to take my driving lessons with Mark at Confidence Driving School, Plymouth. With so many driving schools to choose from, you'd be mad to look past this one! I hadn't taken lessons before, I'm in my late 20's and was quite nervous about learning to drive. But Mark was so reassuringly confident in me, as he is with all his learners, which gave me the confidence to do my best. I looked forward to every lesson, eager to learn and develop a new skill every time. Mark is a natural teacher, he makes driving fun, but with safety in mind and comes up with some brilliant stories to help you remember aspects of driving and rules of the road. I'm ecstatic to have passed my test first time round, which i owe mostly to Mark and preparing me so well. I can't recommend Confidence Driving School enough, it's brilliant!!!! - Mina

Anneke De Beer

''I would recommend Confidence Driving School to any of my friends – I had a truly great and positive experience with Mark as my instructor. He was very patient and clearly experienced in his field. He even managed to break some bad driving habits I had acquired through the years! Mark provided me with useful information and advice to make me a safer driver and that will surely stay with me every time I get into my car! I passed my driving test with CONFIDENCE!!'' Hope all is well with you - and thanks again for all your support and patience!!

John Mason

Mark is a brilliant driving insrtuctor and a top bloke. He is very friendly and very understanding Mark is very patient and helpful. Mark got me through my test with only 1 driving fault which is a testimony to Mark's teaching skill and teaching technique. Mark is a very great driving instructor, I recommend him to everyone.

Oliver Whimpenny
Passed 1st Time

I passed 1st time with 2 minors with Mark's excellent guidance. Very professional and easy going instructor, I recommend him to everyone!

Joanne Partington
Passed 1st Time

5.0 out of 5 Thanks to Mark i passed my test 1st time with only 3 driving faults, Mark is an outstanding teacher with outstanding patience! He always made me feel comfortable and relaxed and i always finished my lessons with a big smile on my face. I previously had 10hrs with another instructor but covered more with Mark in my first lesson than i did in my previous 10! great value for money! I know thanks to Mark i will never forget my training making me a safe driver for life. Thanks again Mark Joanne Partington

Amy Marsh

Mark is a great driving instructor, I'll definitely recommend him. I now drive with Confidence.

Rebecca Coveyduck
Passed 1st Time

A lovely guy and a fantastic teacher. Highly recommended. 5 stars

Kirk McCaffer
Passed 1st Time

Mark is a fantastic driving instructor, he puts you at ease the second you get into the car. With his exceptional methods of teaching and his vast amount of patience he helped me pass my test 1st time. He is always on time when picking you up and flexible with the times i wanted my lessons. I will be highly recommend Confidence Driving School to all of my friends and family as and when they get round to doing there driving lessons. A 1st class service with a 1st class Instructor. 10/10 Thanks again Mark and all the best for the future Mac

Steve Austin

Mark is a great teacher,I was used to driving in the U.S. and had many bad habits. His teaching pace was perfect and was very clear and concise with his explanations especially the maneouvres. He was always very patient and made me feel very comfortable, I always looked forward to every lesson. He is a first class driving instructor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

S. Whiteman
Passed 1st Time

I really enjoyed my lessons with Mark. He was easy to get along with and helped me with any problems or fears I had whilst learning to drive. I was especially impressed with how he taught me the maneouvres , they now seem really easy! I passed my test with only 5 driving points and it's all down to Mark's excellent tuition. I would recommend Confidence Driving School to anyone who is thinking about taking driving lessons or refreshing their skills.

Experienced highly qualified instructor in and around Plymouth.
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